Quality and certification


The aim of the CPR is that all cables used in permanent installations in the European union are tested, classified and approved according to a uniform critera. That´s why we follow this standard in OP cable.

Cable performance statement and certification

CPR – Construction Products Regulation

„The Construction Product Regulation harmonized rules for the marketing of construction materials in the European union. The guideline evaluates the performance and parameters of construction products using common technical language. It ensures that professionals, public authorities and consumers have reliable information to evaluate and compare the performance and performance of products from different manufacturers in different countries.


Benefits of CPR for stakeholders

  • free circulation of structural products on the single market of the European Union – products only need to be tested once according to a harmonized European standard or EAD (European Assessment Document)

  • the authorities of individual states can set performance requirements according to the harmonized European standard or EAD
  • users of structural materials can better determine their performance and parameter requirements
  • market control can rely on one common information structure


Benefits of CPR technical tools

  • Declaration of Performance – Declaration of Performance provides information about the performance and parameters of the product
  • Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance is a system defining how products are to be assessed and how the constancy of assessment results is controlled

  • clearer role of testing and evaluation bodies


Declaration of Performance (DoP)

The Performance statement (DoP) is a key part of the CPR – Construction Products Regulation. Provide information on product performance and parameters. Every product under a harmonized European standard must have this Declaration of Performance and must bear the CE mark. This helps to increase transparency and improve the functioning of the single market.