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Indoor telephonic cables  

Fire alarm and telecommunication instalation cables with electrostatic screen for information processing, signal transmission, voice communication and telephone stations for indoor applications. Static screen protects the signal from external electrical interference.

Cables for security systems  

These shielded cables are used for control systems, in industrial electronics, in security systems, etc. Screen protects the signal from external electrical interference.

Flexible data cables  

From automation in factories to process control. Flexible data cables are used where combination of great performance, flexibility and prolonged lifespan are required. They are used in the conditions in which permanent cable movement is needed.

Audio cables  

Flat audio cables used for Hi-Fi devices, for laud speakers connection, etc.

Control cables  

Instrumentation cables have a wide range of usage in process control and data processes, in analog and digital signal transmission. Factories, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, natural gas filling plants etc. make up the general areas that these cables are used.

Halogen-free cables  

These Halogen Free Flame Retardant cables are used for office equipment, electronic control systems, air condition systems, powerstations,engineering projects for control, vision and measurement purposes. These can be used in wet or dry indoor applications. Because of the HFFR material, These don't burn easily and when these do, the flames go off by themselves. These have low smoke density and These don't emit poisonous and corrosive gases during the fire. They are used in buildings where there are important goods or human population.

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